Why Doesn’t My Text Wrap Around My Image?

A new CaptionPix user emailed me to say that the plugin wasn’t working in his case. His text wasn’t wrapping around his image. This video shows why this happened in case you experience similar problems.

Basically the user’s theme had what I thought was unnecessary CSS which was forcing any post content not explicitly asked to do otherwise, to float left. The theme being used is a free one called Utility

In this case, the text was unable to wrap around the image as the text was being forced to float left for unknown reasons, rather than have no float applied to it, in which case it wraps naturally.

I don’t know why a theme would do that as it seems very restrictive and unnecessary. To fix this he needs to edit the theme’s CSS file and remove the float left from the p tags as indicated in the video.


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    I cannot even get the image to show up – here is what i’m using (which was found on the how to video)
    [captionpix imgrsc="http://krisspears.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Chemicals1.jpg"]
    Please advise – I have about 50 to wrap. Thank you for your time – and for this product.

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      Hi Kris

      Thanks for sending your login details. The problem was a simple one. You have a typo – I didn’t see it either when you posted the command above and I should have. Problems are usually solved by checking the obvious.

      If you look, you have imgrsc instead of imgsrc. Also the quotes were the wrong ones. This probably doesn’t matter so much but you should try to dump the visual editor and just use the HTML editor. It would be better in the long run.

      Try to use “straight” quotes when you using code like CaptionPix short codes. They look like this ” – the ones you had were more ornate. These non-standard quotes are not always recognised and can cause problems.


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