How Do You Get The Free License Key?

The answer to this is best shown with a video. However, you go to your WordPress dashboard, and on the left, you’ll see the CaptionPix links. Click the one that says License and then when the page appears, fill in the form.

You’ll receive an email containing a link that you will need to click. Once you do that you’ll be sent the licence key. When it arrives, paste it into the space provided on the License page.


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    would love to use you plugin but I can’t get a license. The “Get Extra Themes Free” button does not appear below the form I fill out. There is a small piece of a bar instead.
    When I click on it I get sent to some unknown page on your site with a “not found, error 404″ message, copied below. Send me a license key and i’ll use it.

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      Hi Frank

      I’m not sure I understand what has happened. Did you download the plugin from WordPress and install it? You should have installed the CaptionPix plugin that can be found in the WordPress repository. Once that is done you can go to the CaptionPix dashboard in your own site and click on the Get Extra Themes button.

      If you are on Skype I can screenshare with you to get it working.


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    I’m having the exact same problem as the previous commenter. I have the latest version of WordPress. The plugin’s link to get the free license is not working. The full “submit” button is missing; there is only a very small portion of a button. When you click on that portion of the button, it takes you to this site’s 404 page saying the page no longer exists.


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      Lots of people are using the plugin without this issue so there must be some inconsistency we are not aware of. Without a login to your WordPress admin dashboard I can’t help. If you’d like help, please use the contact form on this site to supply your site’s admin login.

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        Please take no offence, but I think no one would do that… Logins are supposed to be kept safe! Why not create an alternative way to obtain the licence, like on your web site? The plugin looks great but I can’t use it.

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          That’s not the case as people who experience problems are usually only to happy to help us help them – we have had access to many user’s admin logins. If you tell us about a problem we cannot reproduce, we have no choice but to ask to look at it first hand.

          Sometimes the problem lies on the user’s site, sometimes in our code. If the problem is on your site we’d tell you. If it is in our code we’d fix it. At the moment we have no idea.

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