Is CaptionPix Free?

Yes – CaptionPix is a free WordPress plugin. However we will be bringing out a PRO version which will include, amongst other things, support. But as we haven;t done that yet, we will provide free support for CaptionPix until such time as the PRO edition is released.

All we ask is that you license your copy of CaptionPix and thereby sign up to our newsletter. Doingthis will not only get you support, but will also give you some extra themes to use with the plugin.

If you are a free licensed user and would like to ask a question, please visit this page and leave a comment.


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    I downloaded your plugin and registered my email, but when I get your email back with the license key, it comes with no key attached. Is this still an active thing? If so, is there any chance you could email a key back so I can use it properly?

    Many Thanks

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      Hi George

      Yes this is still an active “thing”. We are in the middle of testing the next phase which we’ve been running on our own sites and those of our clients.

      Regarding the API key – we’re sorry but this is due to an intermittent bug in Infusionsoft – the email/billing software we use. It is the result of a race condition, and only happens 1 in 300 or so times. But this time it happened to you. I’ll get Russell to sort your API key out in the morning. It’s almost 2:00am here now.

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